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I am at a Pastor's retreat in a place called Ceta Canyon about 25 miles south Amarrillo, TX. It is a beautiful spot far away from everything.This morning one of the pastor's got up and told his story about finding himself dry and in his own words" in trouble" .He was peaching and teaching and visiting the sick.. BUT..... he needed someone to talk to and he needed some help. So he called a friend and went to his house for 3 or 4 days just to get away. He expected his friend to ask him alot of questions about what was going on, but he never did. Instead the friend just contniued his own routine. He got up everyday and spent quality time with God. He worked and every moning he sat in his chair and studied the word and prayed. The friend sang songs to himself. So finally as this preacher was getting ready to leave he asked his friend how come you didn't give me a lecture or something. He friened gently told him" we normally find ourselves in trouble when we stop finding time for God". The preacher vowed to go back and find time for God.

So here is the question what is stopping you from finding time for God? Finding 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes a day just to sit and study or pray. If you feel like you are on empty maybe it has more to do with what you are NOT doing and instaed of how much stuff you are doing.

The bible says... Be Still... Be Still and Know... Be Still and Know That I Am..... Be Still and Know that I am God.

May You Be Blessed My Friend








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Last week, in my sermon I had a challenge for all of us to have times throughout the day for us to be grateful. I suggested that we start each day with 60 seconds of gratitude and end our day with 60 seconds of gratitude. I think I heard that from an  Oprah show. Not sure, but I really liked the idea. So personally, I have been doing it all week and I tell you I have been a little peppier in the mornings and have had mostly peaceful rest at night. So why don't you get on the gratitude train and let me know how you feel and what  has happened to you emotional and spiritually.

Be Grateful!!!!!


On a lighter note, last night one of our dear church members had a nasty fall and hurt herself really bad. She is at home now after a quick hospital visit and thank the Lord she is doing amazing. Go Mava Go !!! Her accident was right outside the church. Three Good Samartians , saw her down on the curb, stopped their cars, provided first aid, called 911 and stayed with her until a bunch of us arriv...ed. This was a Luke 10 moment if ever I saw one. Right at the doors to the church. No one asked to be payed, we gave them water because it was hot waiting and then I jumped in my car and followed Mava to the hospital where several other church members arrived to help keep her company until she was released.

Have you had a Good Samartian moment lately?Have you stopped to help someone along the way. Here is the funny thing. I shouldn't have to ask. We should be doing this everyday. Our lives should be filled with Good Samartian moments. So I challenge you as I have myself to create space in your life for Luke 10 moments. I want to hear how God opens your heart and mind to this, until then I am out to malor whereever for a Luke 10 Moment. Happy Hunting!!!!

Lord , we thank you for the call on our lives to be of service/help to others. No matter what shape we find ourselves in.





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When the boys were growing up we used to watch VeggieTales alot !!! I remember my very first movie was  Madam Blueberry. She sang  " I am so blue hoo hoo , blue hoo hoo, blue hoo hoo  am so blue I  just don't know what to do". Another of my favorites was the Rumor Weed. It was the story of Junior Aspargus and Laura Carrot who were spreading rumors about the doom of Bomblyburg. In the end, the writers wanted the children to know that instead of spreading rumors we should spread "nice words".

I don't like rumors. The bible says that we should put a guard over our mouths ( PS 141:3)  So I think there are a few things I need tosay about my ministyr life. First, my primary job right now is being the Senior Pastor at St Paul UMC in Abilene. I have been here less than two months and already the rumors are swirling that I will be back in El Paso soon to start my own church. Let me be very clear, I have no earthly way of knowing if and when I will return to El Paso professionally

I am presently throwing myself into a wonderful ministry here in Abilene. Where I know that God is up to something good. Just as in El Paso  I will contniue to have other ministry venues. To this end, I have started an online ministry (hopefully, it will be up and running by the end of August )  to be able to reach those I love ,miss and have had pastoral relationships with all around the country. On my page, I will be blogging, praying and of course speaking the Words of God. I have two new books that I PRAY will be out by the first of the year. I will be traveling hopefully by the end of next year (2014)  to speak to Women's Groups on finances. These are my immediate plans. I believe that God has sent me to Abilene for a season and a reason.  I have recieved a warm and wonderful welcome from this church body and we are ready to move towards the future with hope.

So, if you hear any plans to the contray, PLEASE do me a favor and share this blog with them.Tell them the good news is God is ALIVE and only He can work out the plans that He has for us. Plans I believe, for us to all prosper  (Jer 11:22)  

God Bless you and Keep You !!!




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I have begun a new series on prayer. Last Sunday (Matt 22: 31-33) – we talked about the fact that Jesus prays for us. He prays that we will not fail. He prays for us because he knows we are NO match for Satan. Jesus prays that our faith in the midst of all of our struggles, trails and temptations will not fail us. And, he prays that in life we may have the victory. So, I thought if Jesus is praying for all of us shouldn’t we at least be praying for ourselves.

This week, I challenge each of us to pray:

Pray differently – read a prayer, pray with someone, pray out loud, pray more frequently – morning, afternoon and evening. Pray for those you have not prayed for in a awhile – the poor, the homeless, the sick and our enemies, pray for our country, our leaders, our local communities, and our churches. Then pray for our family members whether they are blood related or not and pray for our friends.

It does NOT matter where we pray or for how long. Just that we pray.


PS. I would love to hear about your prayers and any answers you have received lately.

I love birthdays and I love America.. so Happy Birthday America !!! Woo-Hoo. When I was a little girl we always spent time with our family on the 4th. That was just the way it was.We would either  go to the park early and save a spot for the late comers and B-B-Q and eat watermelon or we would go to Crystal Beach  ( the amusement park) and eat Ted's Hot Dogs... mmmmm my favorite!!!!!. I still prefer foot longs over burgers. It was a BIG BIG day and a BIG deal. I hope and pray that today you do these three things. First, stop right where you are and thank God for being able to live in the best country on the face of the earth and pray for each warrior still fighting for our freedom here and abroad, and remember those who have given all by laying down their precious lives in war for all of our freedom, then visit or call your family tell them how much you love them and appreciate something that someone has done this year for you. Lastly, get some goooooood B-B-Q grub or my favorite a foot long with coleslaw and treat yourself to a day of finger lick'in good food, peace, love and rest.

God Bless America and God Bless You and Those You Love!!!!. 

It's official! I moved to Abilene, Texas. I know God called me here and maybe others to a season of change. A new season of trusting Him from a VERY different perspective. Sometimes we get too content in our position, relationships and ministries. So, my question is...where have you become way to content and comfortable....where are you functioning on auto pilot...in your relationships, job, ministry, with your friends, finances, family...what do you think God is calling you do about it...even if you are a bit afraid...tense..upset....remember the bible says that when we are faithless God will be faithful to us. Yes, I am trusting in God for this move and what he has in store for me. 

Pray with me: God we thank you for moving us when we can not find a a way to move ourselves. We thank you that you always have a wonderful plan available to us if we would just step out on faith...keep our eyes on you and obey...Bless those who read this and all those whom you love. IJN Amen