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I am at a Pastor's retreat in a place called Ceta Canyon about 25 miles south Amarrillo, TX. It is a beautiful spot far away from everything.This morning one of the pastor's got up and told his story about finding himself dry and in his own words" in trouble" .He was peaching and teaching and visiting the sick.. BUT..... he needed someone to talk to and he needed some help. So he called a friend and went to his house for 3 or 4 days just to get away. He expected his friend to ask him alot of questions about what was going on, but he never did. Instead the friend just contniued his own routine. He got up everyday and spent quality time with God. He worked and every moning he sat in his chair and studied the word and prayed. The friend sang songs to himself. So finally as this preacher was getting ready to leave he asked his friend how come you didn't give me a lecture or something. He friened gently told him" we normally find ourselves in trouble when we stop finding time for God". The preacher vowed to go back and find time for God.

So here is the question what is stopping you from finding time for God? Finding 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes a day just to sit and study or pray. If you feel like you are on empty maybe it has more to do with what you are NOT doing and instaed of how much stuff you are doing.

The bible says... Be Still... Be Still and Know... Be Still and Know That I Am..... Be Still and Know that I am God.

May You Be Blessed My Friend



10/15/2013 4:03pm

I'm guilty of this and this was an excellent reminder to be still and I need to be still. Ever since Jose has died, it has been hard for me to be still with God. I pray daily but I don't read or pray like I use too. But I have every intention on make that change today. God bless you Felicia xoxo

Kathi Smith
10/16/2013 9:29am

I find me falling into this trap when I get too busy with kids, games, work and school. Raymond and I are back in a weekly bible study and it is so nice just to focus for two hours a week for concentrated study of the word. God is so good.


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