It's official! I moved to Abilene, Texas. I know God called me here and maybe others to a season of change. A new season of trusting Him from a VERY different perspective. Sometimes we get too content in our position, relationships and ministries. So, my question is...where have you become way to content and comfortable....where are you functioning on auto pilot...in your relationships, job, ministry, with your friends, finances, family...what do you think God is calling you do about it...even if you are a bit afraid...tense..upset....remember the bible says that when we are faithless God will be faithful to us. Yes, I am trusting in God for this move and what he has in store for me. 

Pray with me: God we thank you for moving us when we can not find a a way to move ourselves. We thank you that you always have a wonderful plan available to us if we would just step out on faith...keep our eyes on you and obey...Bless those who read this and all those whom you love. IJN Amen



Judye Vaughn Russell
07/26/2013 7:34pm

Life is a journey and The Bible is our guide.


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