I love birthdays and I love America.. so Happy Birthday America !!! Woo-Hoo. When I was a little girl we always spent time with our family on the 4th. That was just the way it was.We would either  go to the park early and save a spot for the late comers and B-B-Q and eat watermelon or we would go to Crystal Beach  ( the amusement park) and eat Ted's Hot Dogs... mmmmm my favorite!!!!!. I still prefer foot longs over burgers. It was a BIG BIG day and a BIG deal. I hope and pray that today you do these three things. First, stop right where you are and thank God for being able to live in the best country on the face of the earth and pray for each warrior still fighting for our freedom here and abroad, and remember those who have given all by laying down their precious lives in war for all of our freedom, then visit or call your family tell them how much you love them and appreciate something that someone has done this year for you. Lastly, get some goooooood B-B-Q grub or my favorite a foot long with coleslaw and treat yourself to a day of finger lick'in good food, peace, love and rest.

God Bless America and God Bless You and Those You Love!!!!. 



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