On a lighter note, last night one of our dear church members had a nasty fall and hurt herself really bad. She is at home now after a quick hospital visit and thank the Lord she is doing amazing. Go Mava Go !!! Her accident was right outside the church. Three Good Samartians , saw her down on the curb, stopped their cars, provided first aid, called 911 and stayed with her until a bunch of us arriv...ed. This was a Luke 10 moment if ever I saw one. Right at the doors to the church. No one asked to be payed, we gave them water because it was hot waiting and then I jumped in my car and followed Mava to the hospital where several other church members arrived to help keep her company until she was released.

Have you had a Good Samartian moment lately?Have you stopped to help someone along the way. Here is the funny thing. I shouldn't have to ask. We should be doing this everyday. Our lives should be filled with Good Samartian moments. So I challenge you as I have myself to create space in your life for Luke 10 moments. I want to hear how God opens your heart and mind to this, until then I am out to malor whereever for a Luke 10 Moment. Happy Hunting!!!!

Lord , we thank you for the call on our lives to be of service/help to others. No matter what shape we find ourselves in.




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