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I have begun a new series on prayer. Last Sunday (Matt 22: 31-33) – we talked about the fact that Jesus prays for us. He prays that we will not fail. He prays for us because he knows we are NO match for Satan. Jesus prays that our faith in the midst of all of our struggles, trails and temptations will not fail us. And, he prays that in life we may have the victory. So, I thought if Jesus is praying for all of us shouldn’t we at least be praying for ourselves.

This week, I challenge each of us to pray:

Pray differently – read a prayer, pray with someone, pray out loud, pray more frequently – morning, afternoon and evening. Pray for those you have not prayed for in a awhile – the poor, the homeless, the sick and our enemies, pray for our country, our leaders, our local communities, and our churches. Then pray for our family members whether they are blood related or not and pray for our friends.

It does NOT matter where we pray or for how long. Just that we pray.


PS. I would love to hear about your prayers and any answers you have received lately.



07/22/2013 8:20pm

You are a very inspirational person Felicia. I enjoy your presence each Sunday but more importantly I enjoy Gods message delivered thru you. You remind me so much of Curtis House who now lives in Amarillo and has his own church.


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