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When the boys were growing up we used to watch VeggieTales alot !!! I remember my very first movie was  Madam Blueberry. She sang  " I am so blue hoo hoo , blue hoo hoo, blue hoo hoo  am so blue I  just don't know what to do". Another of my favorites was the Rumor Weed. It was the story of Junior Aspargus and Laura Carrot who were spreading rumors about the doom of Bomblyburg. In the end, the writers wanted the children to know that instead of spreading rumors we should spread "nice words".

I don't like rumors. The bible says that we should put a guard over our mouths ( PS 141:3)  So I think there are a few things I need tosay about my ministyr life. First, my primary job right now is being the Senior Pastor at St Paul UMC in Abilene. I have been here less than two months and already the rumors are swirling that I will be back in El Paso soon to start my own church. Let me be very clear, I have no earthly way of knowing if and when I will return to El Paso professionally

I am presently throwing myself into a wonderful ministry here in Abilene. Where I know that God is up to something good. Just as in El Paso  I will contniue to have other ministry venues. To this end, I have started an online ministry (hopefully, it will be up and running by the end of August )  to be able to reach those I love ,miss and have had pastoral relationships with all around the country. On my page, I will be blogging, praying and of course speaking the Words of God. I have two new books that I PRAY will be out by the first of the year. I will be traveling hopefully by the end of next year (2014)  to speak to Women's Groups on finances. These are my immediate plans. I believe that God has sent me to Abilene for a season and a reason.  I have recieved a warm and wonderful welcome from this church body and we are ready to move towards the future with hope.

So, if you hear any plans to the contray, PLEASE do me a favor and share this blog with them.Tell them the good news is God is ALIVE and only He can work out the plans that He has for us. Plans I believe, for us to all prosper  (Jer 11:22)  

God Bless you and Keep You !!!



07/27/2013 11:16pm

Hmmmm? Haven't heard this personally. You remind me of Curtis House. I wouldn't be surprised or shocked if God blesses you with your own ministry at an independent church. I do feel the UMC is cruel in how they move pastors around. Been at St Paul 6 years and it seems Sr and Jr pastor turnover is high.


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